1. Nonviolent Communication - Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD | PodNu Podcasts & Book Insights

We communicate with different people every day, be it with relatives, friends, colleagues, or strangers. From the perspective of practice makes perfect, everyone ought to be a master of communication. However, as so many of us know and recognize, this is not the case. In life, it is all too common an occurrence for language to cause pain for yourself and others. Why is this, why aren’t we experts by now? Perhaps we should first take a look at a few examples.

In the office, two people are in discussion. Person A says, "There is a problem with the work that you've done", then person B replies, "What's the problem?", Person A, "The work you have completed is unqualified. It can't cooperate with my work. You have to cooperate with me." Person B replies, "No, you should cooperate with me in this job." The two people argue, neither can persuade the other, and they both think that the work of the other party should follow and match their own work.

In the beginning, only the people next to them could hear their voices. But As neither relented and accepted the other’s point, their voices became louder and louder. Finally, they lost their patience, red in the face, and started to quarrel, disrupting the entire office with their communication.

In this case, the problem was not resolved, and the relationship was frozen. You say what you say, I say what I say. In this process of communication between two persons, the emotions have overtaken the initiative, and real communication cannot follow...

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