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Some people say that love should be the eyes raining for her, but the heart is holding an umbrella for her.

Some people feel that love is a matter of rice, cooking oil, and salt - daily necessities, and that we should help one another in a difficult time and shouldn't leave each other.

Some people think Western love is like a strong blooming flower, while Eastern love is like the delicate fragrance between two flowers.

Everyone has their understanding of love, and true love should be like a storm, thunder, and lightning, thrilling, irrational, and wholly immersed in madness and confusion. They are Madame Bovary's idea. She is a woman who likes fantasy and pursues romance.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing romance and liking fantasies, but this temperament contradicts the marriage of the people around her and eventually leads to a disaster.

Madame Bovary is a classic by French writer Gustave Flaubert. The book is in the top ten novels in the world.

Madame Bovary longs for love in marriage, longs for understanding in love, and falls because she does not understand...

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