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In daily life, I believe many people encounter big and small troubles because of poor memory. For example, you accidentally get lost when traveling on a business trip. Minor problems include forgetting to bring umbrellas, hats, and power banks; serious ones may also fail to obtain passports and ID cards. Also, forget your partner's anniversary and your new coworker's name. You will even forget essential things assigned by your boss. At this point, you can only say to yourself, annoyed, "Oops! Why do I have such bad memory?" Right?

In contrast, looking at the memory masters in those TV shows is simply unforgettable. They flipped over the cards in their hands quickly, focused, and recited, and then when the host called "times up," they would stop immediately and repeat the order of the cards one by one, with no mistake at all.

Seeing such a scene, you may think: "Gee, this is amazing!?" But, could it be that the brain structure of these people is different from ours? Are they born with a solid memory? Well, the answer is: NO!

Their secret weapon is some particular memory method; what method? In the book I bring to you today - Moonwalking with Einstein, we will talk about it...

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