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Einstein has been a handsome teenager since childhood. Einstein's life had many romantic affairs, including his secretary, socialite, and even a Russian female spy.

He was married twice, and his first wife, Mileva Marić, was his classmate at university.

Marić, a thoughtful female physicist, is said to be the only student in her class to score higher than Einstein in math. Her insights are often a source of inspiration for Einstein. Although Marić was a small, plain-looking girl more than three years older than Einstein and a little lame, Einstein saw her as a proper match in mind and soul. The correspondence between them is as loving as a great passion for science.

Einstein wrote in a letter: "How proud I will be to have a little Ph.D. for a sweetheart. "He called Marić Doxerl (Dollie), as well as "my wild little rascal" and "my street urchin"; she called Einstein Johannzel (Johnnie) and "my wicked little sweetheart."

At the age of 24, Einstein married Marić despite strong family objections. Marić bore Einstein with three children, and she gave up her scientific career to run the house all day. It made her increasingly aloof, withdrawn, and less of Einstein's heart...

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