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In 1905, a 26-year-old examiner at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern wrote five papers in less than a year that he hoped would elevate him from the humble class-three patent examiner to a higher position. But after the papers were published, there was silence. Even he took these papers to apply for a job as a middle school teacher without success. At that time, no one paid attention to this unknown person, but they did not know that among the five papers, there were at least three Nobel Prize-level achievements. The paper's author, Albert Einstein, will become the only great scientist who can be as famous as Isaac Newton in later generations.

Today, Einstein's name has become a mythical symbol, synonymous with genius. He is brilliant and romantic, defying authority and stubborn, a scientist and a humanitarian.

There is much more to Einstein than his scientific achievements.

According to incomplete statistics, there are no less than 200 biographies of Einstein. The version I introduce today comes from the famous American biographer Walter Isaacson. He was the president of CNN and the editor-in-chief of TIME. The only authorized biography of Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, was written by him...

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