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In 1848, Alexandre Dumas fils wrote the novel The Lady of the Camellias about a past love affair. Once the book was published, it caused a sensation in the entire French literary world.

The novel's heroine, Marguerite Gautier, fell becomes a courtesan because of poverty, but she always expects to be understood by others. So until she met Armand Duval, she gave her heart to the other party's enthusiastic pursuit, thinking she could finally reap the ideal happiness. But, as everyone knows, this is precisely the beginning of her tragic fate. Marguerite paid the price with her life to prove that she protected her love.

Marguerite loved camellias in his life, so he was called "The Lady of the Camellias," and the flower language of camellias was: ideal love. But, just as no camellia does not wither, the tragedy of The Lady of the Camellias' tragic death hints at a poignant truth:

There is no so-called ideal love in this world and no genuine empathy. For anyone, the higher the expectations for anything, the more disappointments will often be. Your life, after all, can only be done by yourself.

At the story's beginning, Marguerite is a high-profile courtesan in Parisian high society. But behind her seemingly infinite life, there is a deep sense of helplessness that she has to become a courtesan...

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