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Most people have not seriously thought about how to achieve power in life.

Most people may say: “I have no desire for power, I just want to live a peaceful life”.

I would say to them, “Don't rush to hasty conclusions, don't refuse power. Because no matter what industry you are involved with, or what position you hold, power is something that can achieve great good for others and the world, if held in the right hands, and directed in the right way. Don’t refuse power, just use it for good.”

So, beyond this, why should we want power? And what are the benefits if we have it?

Well, people having power is related to living a longer and healthier life. Because power allows people greater control of their work and social environment, and if so designed, factors leading to poor health, be it mental or physical, can be reduced.

When you have power, it will be easier for you to succeed in the goals you want to achieve, and it will be easier for you to make contributions for the betterment of others.

Also, power, social status, and popularity are often the keys to wealth, which can enable you and your close others to have a better life.

Power is even part of leadership. To get things done well, power is indispensable.

Look around you for someone who always looks like "a duck to water" as and when they enter new environments. Don't think that they are born with those qualities that people like. In fact, their tricks can be learned.

Some might say that people may ‘turn evil’ or ‘go to the dark side’ by wanting to read books like this, purely in the pursuit of more power. But if we can find and determine the rules of power, it’s also likely that well-minded people can also obtain power – that is power to change things for good. So really power is a tool for making things happen, there is no good or bad to pure power, it’s what you do with it that counts...

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