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Today I will introduce you to the long novel Klara and the Sun. The author is Japanese-British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. Among literary masters, Ishiguro is notoriously slow and meticulous. So far, he has written eight novels, some short stories, and plays. These works have won him critical literary awards such as The Nobel Prize in Literature, The Booker Prize, etc. This work, published in 2021, is his first novel after winning The Nobel Prize.

Klara and the Sun is a book with science fiction elements, which mainly tells the story between a robot and a human. Ishiguro said that the original prototype of the book was a story he made up for his daughter when she was young. He had intended to write it as his first children's literature.

He said: "I came up with a wonderful story, and I thought it would be suitable for those cute picture books with lots of illustrations." However, when Ishiguro told the story to his daughter, his daughter watched with a stern face and said: "You can't tell a story like that to the children; they will leave childhood shadows." That's why Ishiguro decided to write the story as a book for adults.

Although this book has science fiction elements and tells the story of robots, it is not science fiction. Instead, it is more like a fable in the guise of science fiction...

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