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Many years ago, after Harry Potter was published, 12 million copies were sold in just one week. Why do so many people want to read Harry Potter, and why is it so popular?

One of the reasons I think many people in English-speaking countries can't imagine is the reason? It turns out that Harry Potter is an excellent English education book in many non-English speaking countries.

Yes, many children were not very fond of reading before, but since Harry Potter, they are obsessed with reading, even in English.

In fact, Harry Potter's popularity is a complex overall phenomenon. It's not just the success of a book. It's the success of an industry model.

For example, if you think about it, Latin is a language that many people believe is a dead language, meaning no one is using it anymore. We use it to read books written in Latin by the ancients. Who still writes in Latin now? I'm afraid not anymore. But Harry Potter, because there are so many spells in it, we know that in this kind of fantasy novel, fantasy literature, their spells often have to be related to Latin to show that it is the product of the descendants of very ancient wisdom.

For this reason, Latin also began to gain renewed attention. As a result, Harry Potter not only has an English version but even a Latin translation, so many people are interested in learning Latin.

What kind of industry are we talking about?

We should now understand the phenomenon of Harry Potter, not just as a novel, as a book, but as a series of things, what things?...

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