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The origin of the universe has been a mystery that has plagued humanity since ancient times. Then, in 1965, American physicists Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson discovered the Cosmic microwave background, which confirmed that we could still observe the aftermath of the Big Bang. Since then, The Big Bang Theory has been gradually accepted by the public.

In the book A Brief History of Time, physicist Stephen Hawking proposes that after the Big Bang, the radius of the universe increased by a factor of 100 trillion quadrillion times in less than a second. Hawking's view takes humanity's understanding of the moment of the universe's birth one step further.

As we learn more about the universe's origin, we become increasingly curious about how the universe will end.

Will the universe continue to grow and live, or will it gradually decay and wither away? What is the ultimate destiny of the universe? Will it disappear forever? What will be the fate of humanity by then? In The Last Three Minutes, author Paul Davies will take us on the ultimate question of how the universe will end.

Paul Davies is a professor at the University of Adelaide, Australia, a renowned physicist, and a science guru. He was once described by the Washington Times as "the best science writer on either side of the Atlantic."

Regarding the interpretation of this book, we will focus on two significant questions.

First, what factors are related to the fate of the universe?

Second, what conjectures do scientists have about the future of the universe?...

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