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Today, I would like to interpret the famous work of Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus - The Stranger. He created not only a story, a typical character, but also an accurate definition of the sense of absurdity that modern people cannot get rid of in the social structure.

People always have to follow various rules in their daily life. Some of these rules are from legal constraints, and others are from moral restraints. In addition to the express and established laws, there is a more secret standard for measuring whether a person’s behavior is “normal,” that is, the usual behavior pattern of others.

“Normal” is a vague word, and no one has a unique definition for this word, and its measure is the behavior of others. And who are the others? - most people. However, it cannot be quantified.

Cry when a loved one dies, rejoice at a gathering of friends, show surprise when you receive a gift, comfort others when they are sad, etc. Who dictates the emotions that must be expressed in these scenarios? If you don’t show the right emotions, you will be seen as an alternative or a freak, and you will be condemned and questioned, why aren’t you like everyone else?

When you feel out of place in a crowd, read Camus’ The Stranger...

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