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Today, I present another book about adventure - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Before officially reading this book, I would like to introduce the author of this book - Mark Twain, a famous American writer of the 19th century.

When Twain was very young, his father died of illness, and the family had no financial resources, so he couldn’t even pay the tuition and dropped out. Then he went to work as a small worker in the factory. Later, he also worked as a sailor, a miner, and finally, a journalist. During this period, he would write some short essays because of his hobbies, but he did not expect to start his writing career. Because his family environment was not good since he was a child, he has endured many hardships like many people at the bottom of society. He knows that there are still various injustices in society. He is determined to use the power of words to baptize people’s spiritual world and eliminate these injustices, so his works are very sharp. He is best at humorously satirizing some social phenomena, and he has thus become the founder of critical realism literature in the United States.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a novel published by Twain in 1876. The protagonist in the book is a young boy named Tom Sawyer. Like most of us, he was innocent, adventurous, and free-spirited. However, he could not bear the shackles of various dogmas in society at that time, and he fantasized about doing something earth-shattering. He has a good friend, a good-hearted tramp - Huckleberry Finn. He is also the protagonist of another Twain novel - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, whom Tom affectionately calls Huck. In addition, there are many distinctive characters in the book, such as Joe Harper, the confidant who talks to Tom, Muff Potter, the drunk, the sinister Injun Joe, and so on. Together, these characters play out a twisted and bizarre story...

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