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Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote the quote, "A man is born free but everywhere he is in chains."

Freedom is priceless, but people are always trapped in the secular, heart, emotions, perseverance, prejudice, and even pain, wandering, and struggle.

Everyone is looking for the exit of freedom, expecting to reach the harbor of the soul.

Over 170 years ago, a young man came to the shore of Walden Pond, where he worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, providing us with another possibility to explore freedom, and wrote the classic book Walden based on this experience.

He is the American writer - Henry David Thoreau.

This book mainly tells about what Thoreau saw, thought, and felt during the two years and two months spent alone on the shore of Walden Pond, revealing the true meaning of life and the wisdom of life for us.

Some people say that the stone wall is easy to destroy, but the heart wall is difficult to demolish.

The biggest prison in the world is the wall of human thinking.

The bondage of the mind is a limitation of thinking, which makes people unable to experience the joy of freedom and the joy of life.

After reading Walden, we will understand that in life, if we want to achieve true freedom, we must break the shackles of the soul.

In 1845, Thoreau borrowed an axe, walked into the woods by Walden Pond, and built a log cabin.

During his two years at Walden Pond, he found that building a home by the lake would cost $28.12, and $0.27 to live on for a week.

Not only that...

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