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We continue the book we talked about in the last episode - Blindness. The previous episode introduced the beginning of the book, using a very macroscopic scene, letting us see the traffic situation in an unnamed city. A car suddenly stopped at an intersection, and it turned out that its driver had suddenly gone blind. This kind of blindness is different from ordinary blindness. Generally, we imagine that blindness is like a black screen covering the entire world, but his blindness is like a sea of ​​white fog, a milky sea, and what his eyes see at any time is just bright light. So what the hell is going on here?

This is the first blind person in the novel. Fortunately, he met a kind person willing to drive him home. But after he got home, after he told his wife about the situation, when his wife was about to take him out to see the doctor, she found that their car was missing. So it turned out to be the one who drove his car and sent him home, initially saying that he would accompany him and wait for his wife to come back. The kindhearted person who is kind and selfless is willing to help him. But, unfortunately, it was the man who drove his car away.

That's right! The kind man turned out to be a thief. What can you do? There is nothing you can do.

So his wife took the first person who had this strange blindness to the hospital. Who to look for? Of course, to find an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist did various examinations for him very carefully and thought it was too strange. The doctor had never seen such a disease before.

From the eyes, everything is normal. But does this have anything to do with the brain? It may be related, but the doctor thinks it doesn't look like it, so he has no choice but to give him a prescription and ask him to do some neurological examinations. Then the doctor had to send them out first and let them go home.

The wife said happily: "you heard that everything is expected in your eyes, there is no problem with it, don't worry, we go to other examinations, doctor, I will take him home."...

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