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Although in the last episode, when we talked about the book One Hundred Years of Solitude, we always used the definition "Magical Realism", but García Márquez himself disagrees with this point of view. He thinks what he writes is reality.

But frankly, I don't really believe this statement. Why? Because I think as someone who has lived in Europe, he knows very well what "Realism" is in the mainstream European literary world. He actually knows his own unique writing style and some exotic color, and we can even say that he wants to highlight such a kind of exotic color. He used everyone's various imaginations about the world of Latin America to establish a territory in it, and then emphasized it.

Therefore, it is no wonder that some people say that this book is not only a prophecy of third-world countries, but also a literary work that is somewhat self-oriental and self-exotic. But anyway, I think even if he was going to use Magical Realism on purpose, and then he denied it. But we still have to face the fact that there are too many beautiful chapters and sentences in this book.

So why is this book so fascinating? And this fascinating is something special. That is, there are very few novels in the history of 20th-century literature that can be like his novel. It is not only recognized in the literary world, but recognized by almost everyone, and even popular readers. It's a bestseller book, and like in the last episode, the people of Latin America like him, they think of him as their own, their brother, their buddy. García Márquez's first name was Gabriel, and they called him Gabo, as one of their family members. It is because his novels are also appealing to general readers...

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