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Humans have been discussing the nature of matter since ancient Greece. Perhaps everyone who lives in this world has ever—at least probably as a child—asked themselves, who am I? What is this world made of? What is it like out of this world?

Such questions may be meaningless in the eyes of most adults, they just enough need to know that this is a material world. The world is full of matter, and all matter can be converted into a unit. This unit is not the "gram" representing mass, nor the "joule" representing energy, nor the "second" representing time, but a certain currency unit. For example, how much is a barrel of oil in dollars? How much can a piece of land sell for? How much profit can a stock make? ...and so on, so the world is not material, but economic, and adults living in this economic world are not material, but also economic.

Gradually, our understanding of the world has transformed into an understanding of money and numbers. The judgment of something is transformed into the choice of its use-value. Anything, when considering whether it is worth doing, can't help but weigh the benefits and losses from the perspective of money: whether it will bring me benefits if I do it.

Therefore, when I recommended this popular science book to my friends, most of them were indifferent. Some people ask me, is it science fiction? I said, it's a popular science book. I find that most people don't know the difference between science and science fiction. Some people also think that reading this kind of book is a waste of time, because it discusses unreal things: parallel universes, time travel, the end of the universe, black holes, and so on. At least in life, these things are pure fantasy.

Most of the imaginations about parallel universes exist in science fiction movies and TV dramas. In the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, people can use wormholes to cross the galaxy in a few seconds...

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