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Do you have a friend or colleague who doesn't immediately reply to his Twitter or Facebook, and he can't help but wonder, what's wrong with me? Or, someone who sulks for a long time because of someone else's remarks that unintentionally hurt their feelings? Or are you so afraid of quarrels and conflicts that you would rather wrong yourself than be embarrassed to reject others? Perhaps you have had a more or less similar experience yourself. If any of these things ring true, you may know, or you yourself may be a highly sensitive person in an insensitive world.

In the mainstream context of the public, the word "sensitive" often seems to have some negative connotation, implying that this person may be glass-hearted, an overthinker, hypocritical, and so on. However, Ilse Sand, the author of the book _Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World_, tells us that sensitivity is not a disadvantage, but a rare gift, a gift from God. By harnessing this talent, sensitive individuals can create unique value.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of sensitive personalities from the perspective of psychology, helping sensitive people to re-understand themselves and find their own advantages. For the challenges that sensitive people encounter in life and work, this book gives practical suggestions, tools and exercises, respectively. The book was translated into many languages as soon as it was published and sold well in 18 countries including Britain, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

The author of this book, Ilse Sand, is a Danish psychologist. As a member of a highly sensitive family, she was once in distress. It was not until she began to study psychology that she found the balance of her inner world and began to fully enjoy the happiness brought by her sensitive traits. She herself has become an expert in this field and has been providing psychological counseling and counseling for highly sensitive people for a long time. This book is a compilation of her counseling cases and personal experiences over her many years of experience...

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