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Churchill faced several challenges during his life. But the United Kingdom met a man like him at the most appropriate moment and in the most opportune location, and he became a fantastic wartime commander.

Before becoming prime minister, this wartime leader was always a rebel, not particularly outgoing, and had a different point of view than everyone else, notably on the matter of war.

We need to know that Churchill's road to politics had not been smooth. During World War I, he was also in the cabinet, and he also planned some very failed plans at the time. If he quit politics at that time, no one would remember him in the future. Even if he was remembered, people would think he was the one who screwed things up. But after World War I, almost a few years before World War II, he began to predict that the Nazis were dangerous, Benito Mussolini is dangerous, the world is about to enter a storm, we have to prepare for war, and we must not appease Nazi Germany.

It's just that all these words were ignored by most of the British at the time. Whether it was his Conservative Party, or later the Liberal Party, and later, when he returned to the Conservative Party, all his colleagues disapproved of him. The Labour Party hated him too, and no one listened to what he said. Why is this? This was because most of the British at the time didn't think we should have another war with Germany. The iconic figure of this attitude is the British Prime Minister before Churchill - Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain was always tied to a word in history today, what is it? "Appeasement"

Chamberlain kept giving in to Hitler's ambitious demands and kept watching Germany thrive. Moreover, when he faced internal affairs, he also made people feel that he neglected a lot of British preparations for war. This made Britain feel caught off guard when Germany suddenly rose, and when Hitler waged war on Europe...

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