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A qualified writer is always linked to politics. The relationship between art and politics is more important than the relationship between art. It would be more interesting if a writer was already a political figure.

Such as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during WWII - Winston S. Churchill.

Up until this century, he still enjoys a great reputation. In the BBC's 100 Greatest Britons, he came first ahead of William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton. Although the latter two have a more practical and immediate impact on our lives.

We all know that many politicians usually write a book after they retire. The main scenes in the writing are the things he managed and the work he did during his tenure. The protagonist in this book is usually himself, and he himself is the hero at the same time.

The genre of writing, of course, is a memoir. And usually, the results that come out are not good.

But Churchill is different. His memoir is widely recognized as a well-deserved book.

You know, that's what I'm here to introduce to you today - Memoirs of the Second World War. This book isn't me saying it's good, It was the Nobel Prize Committee that said it was good.

As we all know, Churchill won a Nobel Prize in 1953, but his Nobel Prize is different from that of general politicians. He didn't win the Peace Prize, in fact, he wasn't so peaceful either, right? He took the Literature Prize. He is probably the only political leader in the entire history of the Nobel Prize in Literature to win the Literature Prize. So why did he get the Literature Prize? At the time, the Nobel Prize committee believed that he had described the war with a very precise, expert perspective. Well, for most people, it's for his storytelling and his art of using language...

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