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Why do people read novels? What are the big draws for settling down and poring over pages of textual fantasy? Have a think for a moment...

Enjoyment, Escapism, Excitement.

Those three adjectives go a long way in describing many peoples’ motivations for reading fictional novels and delving into the author’s imagination. Dune by Frank Herbert is the one book in recent memory for me that maxed out in all three of these reasons for reading.

For a whole host of reasons that you’ll now hear, Dune is the novel that will take your mind away from the corona-imposed restrictions of life at the moment, and will transport you into one of the largest, most-detailed, and most original universes ever written down on a page.

Before Star Trek, before Star Wars, before 2001: A Space Odyssey, there was Dune. It was written way back in 1965, the Space Race was in full swing. The Soviets were leading the way with Sputnik, the Space Monkeys, and Yuri Gargarin. Americans were still 3 years off the historic Apollo moon landing, and imaginations everywhere were racing through the galaxy. The great outer space science fiction boom of the sixties and seventies was born.

But one author’s imagination was sufficient to tie human’s past, present, and future into an astounding literary universe. Herbert created a science fiction trilogy that manages the astonishing feat of captivating readers in 2021 just as much as it did way back in 1965. Times, technologies, and tastes all change over time, but class such as this is permanent. It’s no accident that Dune is the world’s best-selling science-fiction novel of all time...

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