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If you’re parents to a girl, there is a map of your future, and it’s all held in a single book, Raising Girls by Steve Biddulph. Read this book, and you might understand what I mean, then you can spend the next decades of your life in realising the truth in what I say.

No matter what age your daughter is, a babbling babe, a toddler, when in her most fragrant and curious years, or even about to come of age, you can find in this book the problems and obstacles that children and their parents may have at each of these stages. It elucidates on their needs and how to get across these road bumps smoothly, how to prevent problems or guide them through them back into the right direction, and then how to make up for it.

The author of this book is Australia's Steve Biddulph, the same author we talked about in an earlier episode - Raising Boys. After Biddulph had a daughter, his second child, he found out how raising girls and boys is completely different matter. For this reason, he studied many parenting case studies and combined his own experience to write this guide for girls.

The purpose of this book is to teach people how parents can raise a girl who is elegant, independent, and strong at heart. The book has been translated into many languages ​​and published widely, and is highly regarded by parents of girls the world over. Because of Biddulph's outstanding contributions to the development of young people, he was also awarded a medal from the Queen of England. The reason why he thought of writing a book for girls' parents was because he observed girls all around him in our generation, and he believed that their overall psychological condition has deteriorated a lot compared to past eras...

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