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Boys can be God's little darlings, but they can also have a rather devilish side. They may bring endless fun to a family, but no end of trouble may also be close around the corner. Most families who have raised a boy understand how they can be active, naughty, adventurous, how they can run wild and play pranks, but also in how they may have a grumpy, aggressive, or rude side, and how they can play a role in creating conflicts. There may well be other traits and patterns, including dwelling in chaos, a dislike for learning, besides learning bad habits - like smoking, drinking and maybe drug use. That’s before we get started on the thistle’s nest that is adolescent boys and their relation to the fairer sex. These can all be cause for trouble and concern for the parents of the not-so-little fellow. How to raise boys in a modern context has become a difficult problem for parents, and is no doubt the cause of many sleepless nights.

However, in the eyes of Steve Biddulph, a renowned Australian expert on family issues and also best-selling parenting author, this is not an unsolvable problem. His book "Raising Boys" is based on a detailed analysis of the major differences between boys and girls in physical development and psychological formation, and the different characteristics of the three stages of boys’ growth. The text reveals for us most of the mysteries faced by the male sex, in the knife-edge process of successly developing boys into men. He highlights parenting strategies that parents can use to aid and address the distinct characteristics of the different growth stages. These ideas will help parents nurture their boys into men that they can be proud of, men that wider society can benefit from, and men that in turn will have the character attributes themselves to become successful and loving fathers for the next generation.

So, what is the key difference between boys and girls? Is there any way to train wild and energetic boys? How can a little boy be cultivated into an indomitable and yet gracious man? With all these questions in mind, I’ve summarized the content of this book into 5 key points for cultivating boys into good men. Having read this book through, I see these points as unmissable for parents or parents-to-be of boys, and even girls too. As those little ladies will interact with those same boys soon enough, and as the saying goes “Know thine enemy” - only joking!...

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