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Curiosity - everyone should have it, and most people do, especially when we are young and curious about so many things. At that special time of our youth, we tend have so many questions in our minds, such as: why is there day and night? why does it rain? How big is the Earth? And so on. But likely as not, curiosity gradually disappears as we get older.

As the research shows, most people will slowly lose their curiosity for the world after the age of 10. Every one of us once wanted to fly when we were young, but one day, when we are old and find it difficult to walk, we finally remember that we are still on the ground. All that said, what can curiosity bring us?

The book "Leonardo da Vinci", that I will introduce to you today will answer this question profoundly. This book is exceptional, and it has a very wide audience. Across all ages, sexes, colours and creeds, this is a book to teach something to everyone. But most of all, this book provides the best example for children, for it can let them know how great a person's potential truly is. And so let them keep their curiosity, and let them use their imagination to explore the great world afoot!

You could make a good argument for Leonardo being the most curious person in world history. Why do I say this? Because of his curiosity which was well beyond most people, he learnt and discovered all kinds of knowledge tirelessly throughout his whole life...

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