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In our highly uncertain world, one key to improve the success rate of our investments is to grasp the full meaning of the market cycle. This is the book being recommended today, Mastering The Market Cycle: Getting the odds on your side, by the famous investor Howard Marks. This book helps you understand the cycle, deal with its effects consciously, and reduce risks and improve growth in a world full of uncertainty. In a world of chance, better your odds. The author of this book, Howard Marks, is an investment master with a similar reputation as Warren Buffett, George Soros, or Ray Delio. Oaktree Capital that Marks founded and managed is one of the world's top asset management companies with funds under management of more than 100 billion US dollars. He writes investment memos from time to time, which in-turn are must-read documents for the denizens of Wall Street.

Warren Buffett said that the first thing he does every morning is to see if Howard Marks’s Memo has been updated. Howard Marks first became famous because of an investment memorandum written in 2000: he predicted the huge risks inherent in and the burst of the US Internet stock bubble in the near future. This prediction was soon spectacularly fulfilled. The most remarkable thing is that he has accurately judged important changes in the capital markets many times over and warned of several financial crises. So why is Howard Marks so prophetic and seemingly always correct? For some, it seems that he has opened up a telephone line to God, or that he can just see changes in trends that others can't see. Actually the reason is that he understands cycles very well and can deal with these as opportunities as much as risks.

In Howard Marks's latest work, the most important thing about investment is to sell well all over the world. In the book, Howard Marks listed the cycle as one of the most important things in investment. He also analyses how the investors that best understood the market cycle, all made the best returns on investments. The question he gets asked the most: what stage of the cycle are we in now? And so he’s written a book on this subject so that we can figure the answer out ourselves.

The business cycle. Despite the significance of the business cycle, there are not many books on the market that specifically focus on business cycles. The existing books either focus on the analysis and interpretation of cycle theory, or focus on predicting economic cycles and turning points. This book is comprehensive and detailed on the pure analysis of the business cycle...

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