22. Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover | PodNu Podcasts & Book Insights

Everyone has two biological families in their life. One is our family that we grew up with, our parents, brothers, and sisters. The other one is the family we formed after we grew up, got married, and made kids. The first one is called the family of origin, and the family formed later is called the family of procreation.

Most of us are initially inseparable from our family of origin. Right from the day of our birth, we start to receive our education, learning from our family and its ways of being. Family education is crucial to the growth of each person, and the words and actions of parents have a great influence on children, these influences will leave a deep imprint on their minds - their family conditioning . Each family is like a cell of society, a miniature society in it’s own right, and so parents are the first teachers of their children. Our family education will follow us throughout our life, shaping each aspect of it, including love, marriage, having children, and even our influence on the next generation.

Empirical psychological research has proven that a person's childhood experience, especially the family of origin, plays a decisive role in personal character, behavior and psychology, and can have a long-term, far-reaching impact. Noone can choose what kind of parents they have, but after being hurt by them, they can choose whether they want to protect themselves, or whether to eliminate psychological barriers and open up further. The sooner these issues are addressed, the sooner freedom and individual growth can be achieved...

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