20. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about | Malcolm Gladwel

How do we understand a stranger? Is it the way they hold your gaze? The intonation of speech? The furrowing of their brow? Their peculiar stance? Their clothes? Their chosen profession? The words they use?

In a person's life, apart from blood and clan relationships, most social relationships are established with strangers. how do you understand a stranger? Is to ask: how do we understand humans.

In our modern world, encountering strangers has become unavoidable. It’s no coincidence that the least technologically advanced societies encounter the least strangers. The combination of the modern world’s expanding megalopolises; the speed and vast connectivity of the Internet; efficient transport; and porous national borders, people are mixing with increasing speed and consequence. As Malcolm Gladwell, today’s author writes, “We aren’t living in villages anymore, we are living in a world of strangers.”...

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