18. The Halo Effect | Phil Rosenzweig | PodNu Podcasts & Book Insights

When you first start a business, you see all these books and articles that appear each year following a formula that usually leads you to believe that if you apply their advice exactly, you'll become the next Steve Jobs, you know, successful and on-top-of-the-world?

In reality, however, you must understand that not everything you read is accurate and applicable to your budding business, and there’s no such a thing as a “secret to success”.

That is what Phil Rosenzweig in his book Halo Effect explains to us, he opens our “entrepreneur eyes” to the real world. The book Halo Effect reveals a very cruel fact about what we think we know about business. In the past, many business books that we regarded as classics were actually just people's blind conclusions, promising to reveal the secrets to success and, not only that, but how to achieve it, quick and easy. Come off it!

Phil explains that they are surrounded by, what he calls, delusions. This book goes through 9 different delusions that managers and business people are likely to hold. But before we go on, Who’s Phil Rosenzweig...

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