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Maybe you’ve realised, maybe you haven’t, but across our daily life, more than half of our behaviors are dictated by habits. If you open ’Screen Time’ on your iPhone, you realise quite how much of your life is spent swiping on your phone, spoiler: it's far more than you assume. Everyone is made up of habits, every repetitive action, repetitive use of language, or repetitive pattern of thought are form the subtle web of habits that make up the lion’s share of our lives. A good habit can make us better and our lives better, and a bad habit can take us down step by step. Good habits are crucial for everyone after a well-lived time on this planet, but the development of good habits doesn't happen overnight.

Why do habits have such an impact on our behavior?

How do we form habits, and how do we break them? One set of answers is contained in this classic behavioural book,Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones.

Before reading this book, I thought it was another inspirational book just before bedtime, because these years there have been endless books about habits and positive changes, I figured this must just be one more on that shelf. But after I read it, I knew I had been wrong, this book was something special. It’s very clear on all aspects of habits, it’s well organized, practical, concise in theory, and easy to understand. In sum, it’s the definitive book on habits...

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