13. The Martian | Andy Weir | PodNu Podcasts & Book Insights

What would you do if you were stranded on Mars? For those of us who aren’t astronauts, it’s rather difficult to conceptualize this. After all, we’d have to ask ourselves how we got to Mars in the first place. Were you launched there with a rocket? Would you be alone?

Perhaps it’s easier to rephrase the question to something more familiar: what would you do if you were stranded on a desert island. Only that the island was a giant, barren, frozen hunk of rock and sand hurtling through space. It’s such an alien environment, that the question itself seems almost absurd.

I thought it would take a NASA scientist to accurately describe what being stranded on Mars would actually be like. Yet in the novel The Martian, the author Andy Weir gives us a pinpoint, scientific, and enthralling look at Astronaut Mark Watney’s harrowing time on the red planet.

By the author’s estimation, and he’s likely correct in his theory, someone stranded on Mars would react with a mixture of sarcasm, absolute terror, and a longing for a nice toilet to sit on...

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