12. The Sorrows of Young Werther | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | PodNu Podcasts & Book Insights

Have you ever been infatuated with someone? Were you obsessed with another person, where they occupy your thoughts every minute of every hour, when being with or near to them was total bliss, whilst being separated or, even worse, shunned sent you into a maddened state of dejection. Most people experience this at least once in their lives, and more often than not it’s when they are very young, have you?

Perhaps you still have a diary or a series of texts and emails detailing your feelings over the infatuation. If you read through this material now you might laugh here and there, but more likely than not you’d be red-faced with embarrassment, at all the ridiculous, melodramatic, and hyper-indulgent fawning over your previous focus of your infatuation.

Fawning such as this actual quote: “I possess so much, but my love for her absorbs it all. I possess so much, but without her I have nothing.”

Now, your records of this love affair are probably in an old cardboard box somewhere or the bottom end of a yahoo email account, never to see the light of day again - and quite right too...

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